We were deeply touched by the joyful and sometimes tearful gratitude offered in exchange for wheelchairs, walkers, medicine, food and scholarships. The children’s smiles say it all!

Westly is all smiles about his new bed! He has severe scoliosis and was sleeping on the hard food floor with a thin blanket for a bed! For $50.00 you can provide a bed to a child who does not have one !

Little blind Ami is so good about taking her parasite medicine. After taking her to the lab for blood work and discovering she has several kinds of parasites we replaced her broken water filter: for $35.00 you can provide a water filter and life saving clean water to a child like Ami!

Allison loves trying to walk! We gave her a wheelchair and are in the process of having a walker made for her! With a $150.00 donation you can have the pleasure of donating it to her! Go to our Take Action page