We were deeply touched by the joyful and sometimes tearful gratitude offered in exchange for wheelchairs, walkers, medicine, food and scholarships. The children’s smiles say it all!

Westly is all smiles about his new bed! He has severe scoliosis and was sleeping on the hard food floor with a thin blanket for a bed! For $50.00 you can provide a bed to a child who does not have one !

Little blind Ami is so good about taking her parasite medicine. After taking her to the lab for blood work and discovering she has several kinds of parasites we replaced her broken water filter: for $35.00 you can provide a water filter and life saving clean water to a child like Ami!

Allison loves trying to walk! We gave her a wheelchair and are in the process of having a walker made for her! With a $150.00 donation you can have the pleasure of donating it to her! Go to our Take Action page

Fwd: trip 9 march '15

March 2015 Trip 9 It is thrilling to be a part of the change happening in Puerto Cabezas! In a community with 80% unemployment poverty is everywhere.

The local government is acknowledging laws that protect the rights of disabled people but there is little financial support to implement change.

One of our goals is to create opportunities for people with special abilities so they have the means to provide for themselves.

Andres was a successful lobster diver. He owned his own lobster boat and ran his own crew. His thriving business was able to provide for his family of 7. Decompression sickness took his legs, his wife, his home and his livelihood. He nearly died several times from infected pressure sores. The DFHAH has helped Andres turn his life around. Now, having lost a close friend whose death was caused by a pressure sore, he is working with us to educated other divers about the importance of wound care for pressure sores. With your support the DFHAF provided medical aid, equipment, food, housing and a new business, Andres once again has taken charge of his destiny!

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-- Sally Fellers David Fellers Healing Art Foundation www.healingartfoundation.org 505 412 9006 505 989 7600

March 2014

On our latest trip to Puerto Cabezas I was grateful to have a special friend, Susan Seestrom, travel with me.  Her generosity and compassion are greatly appreciated. Together we traveled with Harold Oporta, a lifetime resident of Puerto Cabezas, who knows well the people and barrios in this area. He is our translator and guide, Harold is essential to the work the Healing Art Foundation does. Again, Harold took us to areas where the poverty is more extreme than anything experienced in our country! We revisited many sick and disabled people who continue to receive life saving medicine and nutritional support from the David Fellers Healing Art Foundation. We met many others desperate for assistance.

Debilitating illnesses run rampant. With an unemployment rate of 80% there is little money for food and even less for medicine. A poorly managed lobster industry has claimed the lives of dozens and hundreds more are left paralyzed from decompression sickness and die from infected pressure sores.

Helping people with extreme disabilities, who live in such poor conditions, is a humbling experience! Each new person we meet enlarges our understanding of the inner strength it takes to survive in these conditions.

The community of Puerto Cabezas is beginning to feel the impact of change. As the Healing Art Foundation enables people to participate in their community, the positive influence of the human spirit overcoming adversity cannot be denied.

We have helped many but there are hundreds more awaiting our return.

Please share with us the joy of changing the world one person at time and donate today.